You are welcome at Christ Community Church!

We don’t care about your past, your mistakes or any of the things you might think make you “not good enough” to a part of a church family.  None of us at Christ Community Church are perfect and we don’t expect you to be either.  We are forgiven and we can help show you how to be.

Our church family comes from every background and every level of Faith and Christian Walk from the not quite sure to believers of many years.

We have no dress code, come as you are.

We don’t care about your fashion choices, we care about you.

We don’t care about your income, we care about you.

We don’t care about your skin color, hair color, or eye color, we care about you.

You are welcome here!

Visit Us!

We’d love to meet you!

Christ Community Church
3105 S. Carolyn Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

We are located just north of the Pizza Hut Express next to the 41st Street and Interstate 29 intersection.  Just look up and find the really tall cell-phone tower.  We’re right next door.

(605) 362-4711

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