Jesus is the Son of God, God in Flesh



Jesus is the Son of God, God in flesh. He came as an infant born to a virgin named Mary, grew into a man, and lived a perfectly obedient life. His life wasn’t to be just a perfect life to follow, but to be a perfect sacrifice. Sacrifice means something given for another. Jesus lived perfectly, He was, and is God, His perfect life ended by His un-deserved death on a cross, which would actually be a substitution, for you. The reason He came was all men had been separated from the presence of God. This happened in the very beginning, when God created the earth, and men and women in it. He essentially said to them, “live in my presence, under my authority, and you will live forever.” The first man decided not too, and the bible tells us from his rebellion, we all now have this seed of rebellion, sin, inside of us. Just as the first man and woman were cast from God’s intimate presence, our destiny would be eternal separation from God. Unless, there would be some way to redeem, to bring us back, to renew us. The only way to do this was through a blood sacrifice, a perfect one, for all of us.

God said He would make a way. For a time, the sacrifice was an animal, through a ritual, giving temporary present satisfaction. This was pointing to what would eventually be the total satisfaction of our debt to God, a perfect life in a perfect man, capable of taking all the rebellion of sin upon Him. One person, a man, cannot do it. But one Man, God in the flesh, could.

This is Jesus. Jesus is, was, and will always be the sacrifice, the eternally glorified ONE, who died for the sins of all who believe. And He signified this totally in raising from the dead, showing He was God, and He is indeed the victor over sin.



This gives you an opportunity. You can believe the story, recognize your rebellion, and realize you are in need of this sacrificial gift given to you. You can accept His sacrifice to end the hold sin has on you, and the eternal consequence of this sin. By believing in Christ, he breaks this chain of sin around you, and satisfies the just punishment for this rebellion. It is by His life and His death, that we have forgiveness of sin (God doesn’t count us guilty), we gain freedom now over sin and darkness (sin doesn’t have ultimate control over us), and we now have an eternal hope (living always with God). If you believe, tell God now. This can be the moment you believe. If you believe, you are now a believer in Christ. Then you trust.




Jesus bore all your sins upon Him, suffered the consequences for all of them, and then showed His conquering over these sins eternally by raising again from the grave, proving who He was, and showing He was God. He would not eternally suffer, but through His spilt blood, He became the eternal-substitute for all of the sins for all who will believe. God gave us a way to restore the fellowship with Him again. Therefore, we live in perpetual hope. We will never be away from His presence again. Even more, Jesus said He sends someone to help us now, and lead us. He is the spirit of God, and goes by names such as the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth. He will assure you that He is true, He will show you how to live, and He will lead you in life. Christ says, if you believe me, you will then follow, trust me. You will listen to Him, who enables you to live life only for God. This happens the moment you Believe.


You will always have the presence of God in you.

You will have an eternal place prepared for you with God.

You will come into battle, realizing there is a spiritual battle going on, but only your God is powerful.

You will grow- Read the Bible to know God – Pray (talk to God) – be a part of fellowship of Believers (Church).

Tell Someone!

Today you have gone from death to life, and this Victory is yours in Christ!