The Beginning

We began to meet as a small group Bible study, in the Fall of 2006. Regular fellowships helped to cement the people together in unity and purpose. A few practice services were held at the end of 2006 as a new church group was forged. Targeting the western side of Sioux Falls, the group gathered in the Discovery Elementary school for its worship services. In January of 2007, CCC began to hold regular preview services as it prepared for its launch into the community on April 1, Palm Sunday, of 2007. The early worship gatherings served as a time for the group to unite behind the common cause of reaching the Sioux Falls Community for Christ. Since that time, Christ Community has moved into our current facility and, had a few different leadership arrangements. We have had a great number of blessings and challenges as we actively engage the culture to invite all to investigate the person of Jesus Christ, and discover the truth that in Him, one can truly live.


Prayer formed the foundation for Christ Community Church. As people prayed, God brought together a group of believers to form the new work.